BeachBody is doing it again!  We have revolutionized fitness with 25 minute workouts with Focus T25, then with 30 minute workouts with P90X3 and its nutrition guide (which teaches you HOW to eat instead of telling you WHAT to eat).  And starting February 3 we will teach you HOW MUCH to eat, without weighting, counting calories, etc.  All you do is put food in the containers provided, and you can eat WHATEVER YOU WANT, as long as it fits in the containers.  We do this with our NEW program: The 21 Day Fix. What is this?  Well, it’s from up-and-comer fitness celebrity and NPC BikiniRead More →

Doing what I do? Do you enjoy fitness?  Do you enjoy helping others?  Are you motivating?  Are you self motivated? Do you have student loans to pay?  Do you have credit card debt?  Car payments? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, becoming a BeachBody Coach can help you!  I’m looking for 8 interns to help me grow my business.  You will go through my complete training, a 60 day course, in which you can expect to double your income as you follow and apply the daily tasks.  After a few months, you can expect pay to be $100-200 weekly.  THEN pay canRead More →

We finished week 2 of P90X3 today. It feels really good to have finished week 2. One more week of this schedule, a transition week, then a new block of workouts. I am much stronger in my push ups, which is really nice. Between The Challenge and the Warrior workouts, holy cow I don’t have a choice but to get stronger! I feel good, I feel like I’m getting more agile and gaining muscle, which is my goal. P90X3 is a complete workout in 30 minutes a day. It has me sweating and working hard. It’s only 30 minutes, so pushing myself is easier becauseRead More →

Hubby and I finished Week 1 of P90X3 on Sunday. What a great workout! At first I wasn’t so fond of the break time to write down your weight & reps because I was used to working nonstop in Focus T25 and I felt like I wasn’t getting a good 30 minute workout, but now I really like it. The first time through the workouts is tough because I feel like when trying to figure out the moves I don’t get quite as good of a workout. But I tell you, doing Total Synergistics again yesterday I got a GREAT workout. I also like theRead More →

It is the start of 2014 and I am so excited. I am excited to work hard this year, physically and with my business. I’m excited to share the opportunity I took last year with enthusiastic like-minded people. I’m excited to help others reach their goals, see their dreams come true, and to see ours come true. I’m excited to get through this year, knowing that this is setting the stage for the rest of my life. Firstly, there’s the new workout, P90X3. It’s really different than the Focus T25 that Roy and I did It’s more focused on number of reps performed and amount ofRead More →

It’s HERE!!!  Well, it’s in the mail.  I ordered my P90X3 workout on Tuesday when it was released, and I’m ANXIOUSLY awaiting its arrival.  I’m going to finish up another round of Focus T25 Gamma the next couple of weeks, and start P90X3 on Monday, December 30.  I have a group of friends who are doing the program (and meal plan!) with me.  I know that together we are going to kick off 2014 in an awesome way!  Do you want to join us (click here)?  We’d love to have you! This is for my customers who are doing P90X3, so if you’re not alreadyRead More →

I just realized a couple things this morning: 1) #Shakeology is my coffee.  I drink my shake every morning as I get Roy’s breakfast made and lunch/snacks packed.  It wakes me up.  It keeps me from going back to sleep after I get back from taking Roy to work.  It keeps me nourished for a couple hours until I’m hungry for real food. 1.5) I should pack another one as I head out the door to run errands.  It keeps me full and nourished so I don’t eat something bad…. Which leads me to my next point. 2) Shakeology keeps me from making bad foodRead More →

Firstly, belated Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope everyone had a wonderful time, being with loved ones, and of course enjoying a delicious cheat meal.  I certainly did.  I enjoyed a meal of turkey and stuffing, mashed potatoes and candied sweet potatoes.  And I enjoyed a meal of leftovers on Friday.  And I did way too much mindless snacking with our company, especially while playing cards.  *sigh*  BUT, it is a new week, a new chance to get back on it, so here I am. Secondly, I wanted to share my story so far.  I’m a BeachBody coach, starting my fifth month in the business.  I’m aRead More →

I have slacked in blogging, but fear not–I have NOT slacked in my workouts.  Roy and I are in week 13 of Focus T25.  We completed both Alpha and Beta phases, and are halfway through the Gamma Pure Strength Hybrid phase.  We will do the Pure Gamma phase next (which is the other way you can do Gamma), while waiting for P90X3, then we’re going to do that! I have to rave about Focus T25.  I love it and how little time it really takes to get great results.  I’m sure you’ve seen my progress pics after the first 10 weeks of Focus T25.  IRead More →

Hello friends!  How has your week been? I had an awesome weekend.  Friday, got the workout done first thing in the morning.  What a great way to start the weekend!!  Doing the workout first, not having it looming overhead to have to finish in the evening before the weekend starts, feels so good and it really makes my weekend feel longer 🙂  Friday night we went to a friend’s house, and had an amazing time hanging out and catching up…and eating pizza.  Yes!!!  Hubby and I have been good for 2 weeks, eating clean, drinking water (and not “awesome water”) so we rewarded ourselves withRead More →