Hello friends!  How has your week been? I had an awesome weekend.  Friday, got the workout done first thing in the morning.  What a great way to start the weekend!!  Doing the workout first, not having it looming overhead to have to finish in the evening before the weekend starts, feels so good and it really makes my weekend feel longer 🙂  Friday night we went to a friend’s house, and had an amazing time hanging out and catching up…and eating pizza.  Yes!!!  Hubby and I have been good for 2 weeks, eating clean, drinking water (and not “awesome water”) so we rewarded ourselves withRead More →

As I sit here, at 6:46 am, having been awake for 2 hours already, and most importantly having finished 100% of the workouts for the week, I’m reflecting on these last 2 weeks.  Actually, I did this about an hour ago with Hubby while taking him to work.  We’ve just finished 2 weeks of working out, not missing a SINGLE workout.  This is a big deal for us.  No excuses this time.  No Friday night, friends invited us out for happy hour so let’s do that instead of working out.  We have made our workouts work for us, by doing what works for us.  AndRead More →

Happy Double Hump Day!  What’s this, you ask?  It’s my double workout day.  Doubles are scheduled for Fridays, but I know me and I know that the last thing I want to do on Friday evening is another workout.  AND “Double Hump Day” just sounds more fun 🙂  Speaking of adjusting my workout to fit my liking and to make it work for me, I’ve also moved workouts to the mornings instead of the evenings after hubby gets home.  We find that we’re much more motivated to do the workouts in the mornings and spend our evenings together relaxing.  It’s all about making your workoutRead More →

Hello world!  I’m so happy that you’ve joined me here. I’ve started Dream Life Fitness as I’ve started on my journey to living my dream life.  My husband and I already have a pretty fantastic life, but we still have our “Wouldn’t it be cool if” thoughts.  Well, now is the time to start making “Wouldn’t it be cool if ___?” become “Wasn’t it cool that ___!” The path I’m taking to get there is with Team Beach Body. Stay tuned for my posts during my Focus T25 workouts as well as general fitness and nutrition tips.Read More →