If you follow my Instagram (and you should!) you’ll see that I’m halfway through month 1 of Insanity Max 30.  I LOVE this program!  My max out times aren’t increasing, but the intensity at which I’m doing the moves has definitely increased.  That’s gains right there!  It would be very reasonable to do multiple rounds of this program, with form and time improving each round. I am feeling AWESOME on this program.  The physical gains–from my form improvements to the fat loss–are great, but I’m super proud of myself for making the schedule work for me.  It’s set for 5 days a week, and while MondayRead More →

Are you ready for a hard truth? If you’re not a Prime member, you’re missing out.  Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial.  Seriously.  Free 2 day shipping is totally worth it, just for that.  Not to mention all the extras, like Amazon Video (have a smart tv?), Music, Subscribe & Save.  Subscribe & Save.  Subscribe & SAVE.  For things you use ALL THE TIME.  Like diapers and cat food.  Yes, I buy my baby’s diapers via Amazon, and my cats’ food, too.  Heck, if it wasn’t for Costco, I would even buy litter on Amazon too. I’m pretty sure my FedEx driver hates delivering myRead More →

The 2017 Madison Her Half Marathon was awesome.  It was a great experience, and one made better by the entire weekend, as well as my wonderful family.  It was a weekend of emotions, a weekend of finding strength, and the culmination of 6 months of training.  It was awesome. The course was well supported, with aid stations and portapotties every 1.5 miles.  This was key, as I always have to pee around 5-6 miles.  Every.  Damn.  Time. So starting off, I felt good.  My knees felt a little stiff, even after warming up, but I wasn’t concerned.  Perhaps I should have stretched/warmed up a littleRead More →

Today I ran my 2nd half marathon, the Madison Her Half Marathon.  The event that I’ve been training for since January 1st.  It’s been a long/quick six months, and not always easy nor as complete a training as I planned on, but it was rewarded.  I can say with full confidence that I will repeat this program I developed, and complete more of my scheduled workouts. (More on that later) I participated in the Weekend Experience for the Her Madison Half, knowing a little bit about it, but really knowing nothing.  One of my friends–and former client–ran it last year and convinced me to runRead More →

Hey there!! ICYMI Shaun Week is coming!  It’s also my birthday week.  I’m super excited to be kicking off my birthday week with Shaun. Truth be told, Shaun is probably my favorite trainer.  I love the bootcamp style workouts.  I really miss teaching INSANITY classes.  I am SUPER excited to have new workouts from him.  Yes, CIZE is new, but honestly I’m not into dance workouts.  I actually enjoy burpees, thank you. Shaun Week: Insane Focus is going to be in the style of Focus T25 (INSANITY precursor) and INSANITY.  The high intensity interval training (HIIT) is such an AWESOME way to burn fat andRead More →