Summer Body Boot Camp starts April 23! Seriously–it’s not too late! This new program I’ve been doing the last 5 weeks has been AWESOME.  I’ve lost 4 inches overall, 2 from my waist.  But some of my colleagues’ clients have had CRAZY results in the first 2 months.  Like, INSANE.  And that’s why I gave in to my FOMO and jumped on this program. SO GLAD I DID! I lost 4 inches overall, 1 of those around my waist.  In 4 weeks!  Not to mention the Strength Victories:  I can do a full side plank again;  those dumb renegade rows with a twist I canRead More →

Fitness is a journey.  Most journeys–especially in great literature–teach the person on that journey a lesson or two.  Now, I’m most certainly not comparing myself to any great literary character, but ALL OF US are on a journey and learning along the way. What I’ve learned so far could be said more like “What I’ve Learned (Again) So Far.” I’ve learned (again) so far that Practice makes Perfect, and that Progress IS Perfection.  When we start something new, or different, we AREN’T going to be perfect at it.  Especially right away.  Even when we start something again, it’s going to take us a while toRead More →

Yep.  I lost my battle with FOMO. I also happened to lost my battle with my “Everybody’s doing it, so I’m NOT going to do it” high school self.  Yep.  If it was popular, I didn’t like it.  Pop music.  Fashion trends.  Stuff like that. I try really hard to not be like that–to enjoy something for its value, not just because it’s popular. But sometimes old habits are hard to break.  Like, ALL old habits are hard to break.  In fact, they’re a bitch to break.  But it’s good to break the old bitches Do you ever “watch and see?”  By that, I mean doRead More →

We *finally* have snow! It’s a sexy snow day!  Only a few inches, but more than a dusting. It finally feels like winter, and I’m super happy!! I need to get out and make a snow angel, and a snowman. Would you like pics? Comment “YES!” and I’ll post my snow angel! But let’s admit it, winter is not a sexy season, am I right? Bulky coats, heavy sweaters, comfy pajamas do a fantastic job hiding our winter fluff. And it’s easy to get fluffy–easier to stay warm in bed instead of getting to the gym (or home gym). Warm winter comfort foods aren’t exactlyRead More →

Happy New Year! It’s been quite a while since I’ve blogged–I know, I know. Life has a way of getting in the way, and I let myself get carried away with it. Not anymore. I’m taking charge in 2018. I’m doing things my way, I’m making my life what I want it to be for me and my family. It’s the year that I’m finally going to achieve my goal of adding at least 10 pounds of muscle to my own body. I’ve talked about it long enough: 2018 is the year of action.  I will be following pre-designed programs–with guaranteed, proven results–to get meRead More →