Hello! There’s a few new things to add to my site and services. Firstly, I’m now more than fitness, I’m Courtney Blanco Wellness.  Physical fitness is one aspect, yes, and let’s not discount the importance of physical fitness.  But wellness entails more than physical fitness.  What do you put IN your body?  What do you have in your environment, in your house?  Wellness looks at your entire being, and I can absolutely help you have a cleaner, healthier environment. Secondly, I’m adding a new revenue stream.  If you want custom coffee mugs or tumblers for your company, team, girls/guys trip–I can do it for you. Read More →

Without sounding too business-y, welcome to the final quarter of 2020! That’s actually REALLY exciting! 2020 has been one hell of a year, with this final quarter gearing up to be a doozy. No matter where you stand this year, it’s important to realize that we cannot control everything, we can minimally control others, and then there is what we CAN control.  What we CAN control, and of that what is important in our lives, is really what we need to focus on. The biggest important thing that we can control is our mindset.  The upcoming holidays are tough: they’re stressful, they’re supposed to beRead More →