Firstly, belated Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope everyone had a wonderful time, being with loved ones, and of course enjoying a delicious cheat meal.  I certainly did.  I enjoyed a meal of turkey and stuffing, mashed potatoes and candied sweet potatoes.  And I enjoyed a meal of leftovers on Friday.  And I did way too much mindless snacking with our company, especially while playing cards.  *sigh*  BUT, it is a new week, a new chance to get back on it, so here I am.

Secondly, I wanted to share my story so far.  I’m a BeachBody coach, starting my fifth month in the business.  I’m a stay at home mom to an incredible 8 month old, who was born 10 weeks early.  I’m a fitness professional, have my degree in Exercise Science and was a personal trainer before becoming a stay at home (traveling with my husband) wife in October 2010.  I started coaching as a way to bring in some income while staying at home with our daughter and while doing an exercise program to get my husband and myself back in shape.  One option was at-home daycare, which I really did not want to do.  I was thrilled when my aunt approached me about coaching.  She thought I would be good at it, and my husband has been completely on board, encouraging and helping me in every possible way.  I really was mainly interested in the financial opportunity.  Little did I know that coaching was going to be so much more for me.

My first 2 months were incredibly slow because I spent my time reading “Go PRO” and “The First Steps to Wealth” and all the training materials available through BeachBody.  I did a bootcamp for new coaches.  I did get to the first rank advancement in my first month, which was nice.  Then I had to get outside of my comfort zone and talk to people.  That’s the heart of coaching, is talking to people, sharing my story, but more importantly hearing their stories and helping them with their journeys.  It’s a lot of what I did as a personal trainer, but without the gym and their corporate quotas looming overhead.  For me, it’s helped me become less afraid of talking to people when we go out.  Also during this time my husband and I were doing Focus T25.  I love these workouts because they’re only 25 minutes long, and are extremely effective.  I lost 13 lbs in 14 weeks, my husband lost 23 lbs in those same 13 weeks.

With this personal success has come business success.  Becoming a better me helps my business.  October was a big month for me because of a challenge that BeachBody does with their coaches.  It was a challenge to help as many people start their health and fitness journeys as we could.  That lead me to my biggest month at the time, and set me up for a really big November, which has been my biggest month to date.  All of that momentum is being carried forward into December.  It is honestly a little scary, seeing my goals become within reach, seeing how successful I can be with this business.  But that scariness makes success that much sweeter.  Overcoming personal fears is incredibly rewarding, and it feels good to become the person I’m destined to be.  This business doesn’t play favorites.  It rewards those who work for it.

If you want to build your dream life achieving your health & fitness, and financial goals, and by helping others do the same, I want to help you!  I’m looking for 4 highly motivated, self-driven, team players to join my team! Email me so we can get started today!

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