January is almost over! There are just a few days left to get your Focus T25 & P90X3 Challenge Packs at a special sale price of $180. (The price goes back up to $205 on February 1st.) Why should you get a Challenge Pack? Several reasons. Firstly, it is the best value for getting your workout program and Shakeology because you save a bundle buying them together (like a value meal). Secondly, and more importantly, you get all of my coaching and support online. You get my help with motivation, healthy recipes, and more in a private group of other people who are on their fitness journey with us.  Think of what it would cost you to get this in a gym. You have your sign up fee, your monthly membership fee, then your sessions with a trainer, your supplements/meal replacements, and additional cost of any nutrition advice/plan. For example, at 24Hour Fitness you have your sign up fees, first & last month’s dues and your cost per session with a trainer. Let’s say that you got a deal of no initiation fee, your monthly dues only $24 (basic club membership, no access to their big swanky Super Sport ckubs), and each half hour session with a personal trainer is $44/per 25 minute session (bought in 5 session bundles). If you wanted to work with a trainer for every T25 workout (6 tunes a week for 10 weeks) at 24Hour Fitness it would cost you $48 + $24 + $2640= $2712. Then you have to add in supplements, so your cost only goes up. If you were to do 60 workouts with a personal trainer at 24Hour Fitness it would cost you $44.80/session not including nutrition. Doing 60 Focus T25 workouts costs you $5.17/workout INCLUDING your nutrition ($180 Challenge Pack + 130 second month Shakeology = 310). That’s 1/9 the cost to workout at home and get the same or better results! So get with me and get started with a Challenge Pack today!

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