If you follow my Instagram (and you should!) you’ll see that I’m halfway through month 1 of Insanity Max 30.  I LOVE this program!  My max out times aren’t increasing, but the intensity at which I’m doing the moves has definitely increased.  That’s gains right there!  It would be very reasonable to do multiple rounds of this program, with form and time improving each round.

I am feeling AWESOME on this program.  The physical gains–from my form improvements to the fat loss–are great, but I’m super proud of myself for making the schedule work for me.  It’s set for 5 days a week, and while Monday through Friday is what’s on the calendar, it doesn’t matter what 5 days you do it.  My schedule for the last 2 weeks has been Tuesday through Saturday, or Tues-Friday and Sunday.  Mondays seem to be difficult for me to get a workout in, but it’s ok!  I don’t feel guilty because it’s not what the calendar says–I’m making it work for me.

That’s the key to life, right?  Making it work for you.  Working out is definitely a bit of a microcosm of life.  It’s not always easy, nor should it be.  If you aren’t challenged, you aren’t growing.  As I’m helping 2 young people grow up and learn to navigate this world, I’m realizing more and more I need to be the woman I want my daughter to be.  It’s a bit scary at times, and definitely pushing myself out of my comfort zone at times, and not to mention extremely humbling, but it’s absolutely wonderful.  If I can push through these workouts, I can push through life.  Thankfully I have my incredible husband as my partner too!  Working out helps me be the best mom, wife, and ME that I can be!  #HealthyHappyDreamLife

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