Yep.  I lost my battle with FOMO.

I also happened to lost my battle with my “Everybody’s doing it, so I’m NOT going to do it” high school self.  Yep.  If it was popular, I didn’t like it.  Pop music.  Fashion trends.  Stuff like that.

I try really hard to not be like that–to enjoy something for its value, not just because it’s popular.

But sometimes old habits are hard to break.  Like, ALL old habits are hard to break.  In fact, they’re a bitch to break.  But it’s good to break the old bitches

Do you ever “watch and see?”  By that, I mean do you lurk, watch what someone else is doing, and see what happens?  Do you watch your friends and their new healthy kick, and see if it sticks?  I know you do.  We all do.  We watch and see if they fail.

So I’ve been watching my team and their clients for the last month, and their Phase 1 results are ROCKIN!  Enough that I got over my Too Skool For Kool ‘tude and jumped in….Just A Little.

Ok, all the way. (Why do anything half-assed?  Full-assed or not at all….I’m going to leave it at that)

Check out my Instagram tomorrow lunchtime 12CST and I’ll tell you more!

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