Fitness is a journey.  Most journeys–especially in great literature–teach the person on that journey a lesson or two.  Now, I’m most certainly not comparing myself to any great literary character, but ALL OF US are on a journey and learning along the way.

What I’ve learned so far could be said more like “What I’ve Learned (Again) So Far.”

I’ve learned (again) so far that Practice makes Perfect, and that Progress IS Perfection.  When we start something new, or different, we AREN’T going to be perfect at it.  Especially right away.  Even when we start something again, it’s going to take us a while to get good at it.

This exercise program that I’ve decided to undertake and complete is familiar, even though I’ve never done this exact program before.  It’s familiar because it takes a dedication and, quite frankly, obsession to do well.  It’s very much like my prep for my last bodybuilding competition.  Very similar food plan, and timing.  So far, these last 3 weeks, have been very similar in how I feel about and how I’m making the plan work for me.

No, I have NOT been perfect on it.  It takes PREPARATION and PLANNING, something I currently struggle with.  But I’m working on it.  I’ve decided that in order to make it work best for me, I HAVE to do it early in the morning, before my kids wake up, so that I can focus on my workout for me, and then I can focus on my kids when they are awake.

Has that happened every day? NO!  In fact, most days I still end up working out in the early afternoon instead.  That’s not entirely a bad thing, as the kids hop in and out, doing some of the workout with me.  They get to develop motor skills as they try different movements.  They get to see their mom doing something she said she would do.  They get their activity in as well.  But I like being able to focus on ME during MY workouts.  I love coaching people through their workouts: it’s why I am a fitness coach and group exercise instructor.  But that’s THEIR workouts, and I like to focus on ME during MY workouts.  Self Love is crucial.  I can’t be my best self/wife/mom without making sure I’m taking care of me.

These last 3 weeks have been a bit of a roller coaster, and a lot of a fight.  March is a CRAZY month, with both kids’s birthdays in March and celebrating both, really, for 2 weekends each.  THAT BEING SAID, I’ve decided that this program and the results it offers are WORTH IT.  I’ve made the decision to focus on my nutrition even with birthday party pizza and adult beverages.  I’ve made the decision that during the week I am going to be ON PLAN so that on Party Day it’s not the end when I have some pizza and ice cream (and some sanity-saving alcohol when surrounded by 4 and 5 year olds).

Tuesdays are the toughest days for me.  Mondays I can nail because I want to start my week of strong.  TUESDAYS I struggle with.  I’m tired from Monday.  Tuesdays are a different schedule–earlier than Mondays.  BUT today I DID IT.  Week 4 has started off better than the last 3 weeks have.  PERFECTION IS PROGRESS.

I’d really love to help you on your journey–help you through the ups and downs because I’M THERE TOO.  I know this program works.  What I’ve learned so far (again) is to trust the process and follow it.

What I’ve learned so far (again) is to stick to what I’ve committed to.

What I’ve learned so far (again) is that everything worth having is not only worth working for, but takes WORK to earn.

What I’ve learned so far (again) is that results do not happen overnight, or after 1 or 2 workouts.  Results happen over weeks of consistent effort, in the workout area (gym/living room/wherever) and the kitchen.

I’d really love to share my tips and insights with you.  Are you ready for your journey?  Contact me and let’s rock my Itty Bitty Bikini Challenge.  We start April 9.

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