Summer Body Boot Camp starts April 23!

Seriously–it’s not too late!

This new program I’ve been doing the last 5 weeks has been AWESOME.  I’ve lost 4 inches overall, 2 from my waist.  But some of my colleagues’ clients have had CRAZY results in the first 2 months.  Like, INSANE.  And that’s why I gave in to my FOMO and jumped on this program.


I lost 4 inches overall, 1 of those around my waist.  In 4 weeks!  Not to mention the Strength Victories:  I can do a full side plank again;  those dumb renegade rows with a twist I can now do, without falling over and with full form (holy stabilization Batman!); and my flexibility is ever improving too.

Remember, fitness isn’t just about numbers on a scale or number of inches lost.  It’s muscle gained, seen as strength increases: increased weight lifted AND better form/range of motion.  It’s improved flexibility.  It’s improved energy,  improved mindset.

This past month I have had more fun and been more dedicated to this program that I have been in a LONG TIME.  I’m loving how each week it’s the same set of exercises but done differently than last week.  It’s keeping my body in a constant state of change–which is the point.  I’m loving the eating plan.  Not only is it SO MUCH FOOD, but it’s delicious, and fueling my body right.  I have more energy because I’m FUELED PROPERLY.  It’s amazing how much better your body feels when it’s getting the nutrition and calories it needs.

And maybe there’s a small part of me that likes this so much because it reminds me of my competition days.  It’s an incredibly similar plan (I still have the food and workout sheets my coach gave me 9 years ago!) and similar mindset with the timed nutrition.  I think I’m liking it better because there isn’t the show pressure there.  But it’s the same concept (and more fruit).

Anyways, I definitely am glad I had some #FOMO and hopped on the wagon.  It’s 100% worth it and I am so excited.  I’m almost half way finished, and already looking forward to Round 2!  If you want to be in my test group–see what transformation YOU can have in 80 days–we start April 23.  Fill out the form below and let’s do it! 


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