It really wasn’t a “What a Birthday!” in an overly exciting way:  my daughter’s first Last Day of School took priority.  We had birthday/last day of school ice cream, went to the park.  I cleaned before heading to bed myself.  #superexciting #notreally

I know I’m not THAT old–but I felt it!  I was exhausted by 9pm lol  Of course, then the kids were wired and totally awake, hanging out watching their tablets together <3 <3  When we finally called it quits (and after a wonderful chat with my dearest hubby) I fell SOUND asleep.  Waking up this morning, I think I’ve figured out why: allergies.

They’ve been pretty bad, but I think this morning takes the cake.  I’ll be picking up some OTC antihistamines today.  I blame the cottonwood trees, humidity, and all the pollen because the plants LOVE humidity.  This high desert girl does not #ColoradoGirl.

I also need to get back to my routine.  I WILL finish this program.  SO.. Week 2 of Phase 3 starts next week.  Who wants to join?  You don’t have to be on Phase 3.  You can TOTALLY be at Day 1.

Anyone who wants to workout with me can do so virtually!  Start time is at 0500 Central (that’s 5am).  Early morning workouts are hard easier with friends! #TrustMeImAnExpert


You don’t HAVE to be a mom to join us! The more, the merrier!  Just be somewhat awake and ready to get your heart pumping and blood flowing!  Shoot me an email RSVP and I’ll get you the link (to our awesome video conference workout room)

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