It’s HERE!!!  Well, it’s in the mail.  I ordered my P90X3 workout on Tuesday when it was released, and I’m ANXIOUSLY awaiting its arrival.  I’m going to finish up another round of Focus T25 Gamma the next couple of weeks, and start P90X3 on Monday, December 30.  I have a group of friends who are doing the program (and meal plan!) with me.  I know that together we are going to kick off 2014 in an awesome way!  Do you want to join us (click here)?  We’d love to have you! This is for my customers who are doing P90X3, so if you’re not already signed up with me as your coach, you can do so here and you can also do so when you order P90X3 through me. I think the workout I’m looking forward to the most is the yoga workout, even though I have NO IDEA what it will be like… I just LOVE yoga–it’s my soul mate workout.  What is your favorite workout?

My friend and fellow BeachBody Coach Erin with Tony, doing the X3 Yoga workout at a leadership retreat earlier this year:

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