It is the start of 2014 and I am so excited. I am excited to work hard this year, physically and with my business. I’m excited to share the opportunity I took last year with enthusiastic like-minded people. I’m excited to help others reach their goals, see their dreams come true, and to see ours come true. I’m excited to get through this year, knowing that this is setting the stage for the rest of my life.

Firstly, there’s the new workout, P90X3. It’s really different than the Focus T25 that Roy and I did It’s more focused on number of reps performed and amount of weight used, and improving on your past performance.  There’s even a handy dandy P90X app that I use instead of tracking with old-fashioned pen and paper (which, of course, is fine too).  Focus T25 is more of a bootcamp style workout where you are working the ENTIRE 25 minutes.  So far I love the yoga that Tony Horton includes in the P90X3 workouts, as well as the all yoga Yoga X3 workout.  So far that has been my favorite workout, and the timing of it as Day 3 of the Classic block is perfect.

Secondly, there’s this year with my family.  My wonderful husband, our beautiful daughter who is amazing and perfect and full of wonder and excitement, and our kitties.  2014 is our first full year in our house, so I’m excited to have a full summer with our deck, and to keep making the house ours.  We’re also hoping to add to our family again this year, so that will be another adventure added in.  It’s going to be quiet as far as travel goes, which will be new for us, but it will be very good so we can get our finances in order.

Which brings me to my third point, and why I am so excited for 2014: we will be debt free by tax-return time 2015.  That means that this year, we will save, we will pay off, I will grow my business and we will get ourselves in order so that we can get back to traveling when we want to travel, back to more than once a month date nights, we can take a big family trip (or 2) a year.  Working as a BeachBody Coach, helping people find a fitness program to transform themselves and change their lives, is how I’m going to do this.  Getting back into shape with Focus T25, and continuing on with P90X3, was just the kick I needed to find my love of fitness again, and my drive to help others start their journeys.  What does your dream life look like?  Doesn’t it involve some level of fitness?  The ability to play with your kids in the park, to go skating or riding bikes with them, to take them to the water park or beach, that all takes some level of fitness.  Not everyone has the same health goals, and that’s great.  I want to help ALL people reach their goals, no matter how big or small.  And the cool part about working with BeachBody is that I make an income while getting into shape and helping others do the same.  I get paid to do what I was already doing, and I get to do it from home.  No gym schedules to follow, no gym quotas to hit.  It’s all up to me how much and when I work.  And if you love what you do, is it really work?  So here’s the deal, I want to help YOU make YOUR dreams come true. I’m working with a top 50 coach in the company, and you will too. Using the proven system she’s taught me, my income has doubled every month I’ve worked with her, from $40 to $500 in just 5 months. I will help you do the same. If you’re ready to change your life, if your ready to start living your Dream get in touch with me @ and I will be in touch right away. I’m starting my next training session on January 20th. Don’t wait. Make 2014 your #BestYearYet

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