Hubby and I finished Week 1 of P90X3 on Sunday. What a great workout! At first I wasn’t so fond of the break time to write down your weight & reps because I was used to working nonstop in Focus T25 and I felt like I wasn’t getting a good 30 minute workout, but now I really like it. The first time through the workouts is tough because I feel like when trying to figure out the moves I don’t get quite as good of a workout. But I tell you, doing Total Synergistics again yesterday I got a GREAT workout. I also like the flow of the workouts, both within each individual workout and how the workouts fit together. For example, I like how yoga is in there just as I’m getting really sore and stiff. It’s a great stretch, although Tony throws in quite a few yoga moves into the other workouts.

I’m really glad that we did Focus T25 before doing P90X3. I can do so many more push ups and burpees now, and I feel like I have a solid foundation for those moves. I’m always improving, always getting better form and more trips, and that is the purpose. I’m well on my way to my goal of having a better body after baby! What is my definition of “better body after baby?” Yes, it’s having defined abs and shoulders, but it’s also moving better and being more functional. I want to play with my daughter on the playground, throw or kick a ball around with her, skate with her. That’s the ultimate goal that Hubby and I have: to be able to keep up with our kids.

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