We finished week 2 of P90X3 today. It feels really good to have finished week 2. One more week of this schedule, a transition week, then a new block of workouts. I am much stronger in my push ups, which is really nice. Between The Challenge and the Warrior workouts, holy cow I don’t have a choice but to get stronger! I feel good, I feel like I’m getting more agile and gaining muscle, which is my goal.

P90X3 is a complete workout in 30 minutes a day. It has me sweating and working hard. It’s only 30 minutes, so pushing myself is easier because it’s a short time in the move (generally about a minute) then on to working a different muscle group. I find it easy to stay motivated to workout, even in the evenings after my husband gets home from work. One of the best surprises about this is that the extra 5 minutes isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. We were used to 25 minutes of constant work with Focus T25, and while this isn’t constant work, the work is intense. This is just as effective as Focus T25 and I’m so excited to see my results at the end of this program.

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