As I sit here, at 6:46 am, having been awake for 2 hours already, and most importantly having finished 100% of the workouts for the week, I’m reflecting on these last 2 weeks.  Actually, I did this about an hour ago with Hubby while taking him to work.  We’ve just finished 2 weeks of working out, not missing a SINGLE workout.  This is a big deal for us.  No excuses this time.  No Friday night, friends invited us out for happy hour so let’s do that instead of working out.  We have made our workouts work for us, by doing what works for us.  And that is working out first thing in the morning.  I bet we’re not alone in being able to find a million other things to do in the afternoon besides working out.  In the morning, though, there isn’t much else to do BUT workout.

One of the best things about working out first thing is that it gives me energy throughout the day.  What I struggle with is when I lay down with our daughter to get her back to sleep, I read my personal development book, I read my assignments for my business building from my team, I check in with my team, stuff I can do from my phone.  Then I fall back asleep for a while, then I’m stressed about getting everything I wanted to do finished for the day because I’ve lost 4 hours (or more!).  What I have to do is once she falls back asleep I have to make myself get up and get going, get ready for the day, start laundry, just keep the momentum going from my workout.

What keeps you from working out?  How can you overcome those obstacles?

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