Hello friends!  How has your week been?

I had an awesome weekend.  Friday, got the workout done first thing in the morning.  What a great way to start the weekend!!  Doing the workout first, not having it looming overhead to have to finish in the evening before the weekend starts, feels so good and it really makes my weekend feel longer 🙂  Friday night we went to a friend’s house, and had an amazing time hanging out and catching up…and eating pizza.  Yes!!!  Hubby and I have been good for 2 weeks, eating clean, drinking water (and not “awesome water”) so we rewarded ourselves with a cheat day on Saturday, and we did Sunday Brunch, too, which wasn’t so bad except for the bread pudding I ate 😉  BUT a cheat meal every now and then is OK!  It’s the 80/20 rule:  eat clean 80% of the time (shoot for 90% but life will find a way to add an extra day in there) and indulge 20%.  Diet is 80% of the fitness game, 20% hard work.  You can’t outtrain a bad diet!  I am only up 1lb!  It’s good to “shock” your system with a cheat meal every now and then, because even your metabolism adapts to routine.  What’s your favorite “cheat” meal??

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